Exposing insecurities in CCTV systems (2013)

I was trying to map the whole ip range of my ISP like what kind of devices are running on those ip addresses. So I wrote a script and surprisingly a lot of CCTV systems were there.

Looking at the scan result I realized it is pretty easy to fingerprint these devices and wrote a python script that sort those out by brands & software versions and use default authentication details. It became so efficient that in my small town it would find thousands of accessible CCTV systems.

It was featured on the front page of the biggest newspaper in India in multiple languages and i was interviewed on the national TV about this warning.

After 8 months whole international media published about a site that have a list of Private insecure camera feeds from around the world. So i became the guy who predicted it. I never released the script because it could result in catastrophe for someone's private life.